CF6 Creative is home to independent graphic designer Steve Wiseman. I have been working in creative agencies for 20 years and am an expert in pretty much every aspect of the creative process. From getting to grips with what my clients actually want and need to delivering an exceptional finished product and all of the twists and turns inbetween.


Anything and everything graphic design wise including logos, adverts (digital, press, outdoor, social), websites, brochures, prospectuses, leaflets, DM, banners, infographics, wall graphics, signage, social posts, social banners, e-shots, displays, packaging and vehicle livery.

Plus I can also arrange all the photography, printing and web development and hosting that your project will need to get finished and delivered.


I’m based in sunny (rainy) Withington in South Manchester. Favourite local spots are the The Wine and Wallop and The Art of Tea. If you’d like to get together to discuss your project, one of these would get my vote. If you happen to be unlucky enough not to be living in South Manchester, my commiserations, but don’t let this stop you getting in touch. I’ll go to the Wine and Wallop and give you a bell from there.


Because I love it. Great design is something to get excited about. But it’s not just great design I love. It’s building the relationships that make the whole process work, it’s taking the project from start to finish, it’s clients coming back again and again and building a history. It’s great images, great typography and great communication that cuts straight to the heart of what it’s meant to do.